SDOTD 7/19/2007 – CO: School Accountability


Today’s State Database of the Day comes to us from Colorado:

School Accountability Reports – Find information about individual schools across Colorado, including academic performance, Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) results, safety and discipline incidents, student/teacher ratio, teacher qualifications and how taxpayer dollars are spent. Searchable by name, county, city and zip code.

Ok. So you’re moving to Colorado Springs. You have a child of elementary school age. Will your neighborhood school be good for your child? Thanks to the Colorado Department of Education’s School Accountability Reports database, you can find this out — at least on a statistical level.

Start off by searching on the school’s name, county, city or zip code. You’ll be given a list of schools that you can further narrow down by grade level. Choose a school and you’ll a brief report telling you how the school did on standardized tests and a one word assessment of the academic progress of the students. You’ll also see the school’s performance compared to nearby schools.

From a school’s screen you can also opt to map the school or get a detailed report that gives you information on student enrollment, staff size, the availabilty of after-school programs, community programs after hours, whether it requires uniforms and so forth. You are shown information on attendance rates, school spending, safety incidents and more.

If your moving plans do include a stay in Colorado with K-12 children, you owe it yourself and your children to check out this database.

For more databases from more states, see the 50-State agency database registry.


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