AK: Trial Court Index


Today’s State Agency Database Highlight comes to us from Alaska.

Alaska Trial Court Cases – Provides access to non confidential civil and criminal trial records back to about 1990. Database is searchable by personal name, business name or case number.

From the website, “Types of cases included: Both CourtView and the Name Index provide civil and criminal case information. CourtView also provides information about traffic cases and other minor offenses. Neither database includes confidential cases. ”

Here is a sample record:

Location: Kenai      Name: SMITH, JOHN
DOB: 04/24/1965     Case #: 3KN-95-00015CR
Case Type: State     Case Title:ST V SMITH,JOHN
Attorney 1:     Date Filed: 01/04/1995
Attorney 2:     Type Person: Defendant
Criminal – Offense: NO VALID OL    Criminal – Statute: AS28.15.011(B) (Driving with no valid operator’s license)
Criminal – Dispo: No Contest Plea    Criminal – Date Dispo: 03/23/1995
Criminal – Felony/Misdemeanor: Misdemeanor    Criminal – SIS Date Dispo:

The Alaska page of the State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is maintained by Sheri Somerville.

For more databases from more states, please see State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States.


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