FL: Gift Givers Guide


Today’s State Agency Database Highlight comes to us from Florida:

Gift Givers’ Guide – A Guide to Charitable Giving in Florida is searchable by keywords in an organization’s name. Results include percentage of expenses allocated to program service costs, administration costs, fund-raising costs, and payments to affiliates.

Here is a sample record from the database:

Business Name RED BARN THEATRE (Charitable Organization)
City/State KEY WEST, FL
Registration Number CH23521
Registration Expiration Date 08/28/2008
Revenue Source IRS 990 w/ Sch.A (10/31/2006)
Total Revenue $489,784.00
Program Services Cost $379,013.00 (80% of Total Expenses)
Administrative Cost $97,241.00 (20% of Total Expenses)
Fund-Raising Cost $0.00 (0% of Total Expenses)
Payment to Affiliates $0.00 (0% of Total Expenses)
Total Expenses $476,254.00
Surplus/Deficit $13,530.00

The Florida page of State Agency Databases Across the 50 States is maintained by Rich Gause.

For more databases from more states, please visit State Agency Databases Across the 50 States.


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