GA: Crime and Family Violence


Today’s State Agency Database Highlight comes to us from Georgia:

Crime Statistics Database provides annual and monthly data since 1980 for counties and the entire state. The separately searchable Family Violence Statistics include “the names, sex, date of birth and relationship of the parties involved; the time, place and date of the incident; whether children were involved or whether the act of family violence was committed in the presence of children; the type and extent of alleged abuse; the existence of substance abuse; the number and types of weapons involved; the existence of any prior court orders; the number of complaints involving persons who have filed previous complaints; the type of police action taken; and any other information that may be pertinent.”

The Georgia page of State Agency Databases Across the 50 States is maintained by Rich Gause.

For more databases from more states, please visit State Agency Databases Across the 50 States.


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