ID: Drivers License Database


Today’s State Agency Database Highlight comes to us from Idaho:

Interactive Driver’s License Record (DLR) Search – This application allows businesses, individuals and government agents who meet the eligibility criteria set forth under Idaho law, I.C. § 49-202, § 49-203 and Administrative Rule No. 39.02.41, to perform real-time searches of the Idaho Transportation Department’s driver’s license database. The database is designed to allow private citizens to audit their driver’s license record as maintained by the Idaho Department of Transportation. Receipt of a printable copy of your DLR costs $5.50. A DLR (Driver License Record) is a computer generated list of convictions and actions (including suspensions, restorations, driver’s license data, and points assessed) incurred by the motorist while driving in any state. A citation issued in another state will be shown on the driving record if it was for a citable offense in Idaho.

The Idaho page of State Agency Databases Across the 50 States is maintained by Christine Gray.

For more databases from more states, please visit State Agency Databases Across the 50 States.


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