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Subject Collections: Biographies

May 31, 2008

Continuing our tour of subject-focused collections of state agency databases, we come to:

Biographical Databases – Databases that provide biographical sketches of authors, state officials, famous state residents, etc.

This page is hosted on the wiki for State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States and contains links to databases in Colorado, Kentucky and Wyoming.  Please check them out. If you are aware of a similar resource in another state, please let us know in a comment. Or e-mail Daniel Cornwall at dnlcornwall AT Alaska DOT net.


Subject Collections: Corporations

May 29, 2008

As our tag line proclaims, this blog features highlights from the State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States project of the Alaska Library Association Government Documents Roundtable State and Local Documents Task Force.

So far we have been highlighting individual databases from the fifty states and we will return to that in a while. For the next several posts, I’d like to highlight our subject focused collections of state agency databases.

It was one of our hopes when we started State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States that we would facilitate the discovery and compilations of subeject-oriented collections of state agency databases. Happily this has started to happen. While we know that we’re not the only game in town in building annotated subject lists of databases we think we are unique or at least unusual in allowing others to reuse our content under a Creative Commons Attribution license AND in providing the lists without advertising or individualized tracking of what you’re looking it.

With this introduction out of the way, let’s look at the first 50-State subject collection available from our Subject Focused Collections pages:

U.S. State Corporations Databases – Maintained by Ka-Neng Au of Rutgers University Libraries.

This is our one 50-State collection that not only wasn’t built on the ALA GODORT Wiki, but also predates State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States. Ka-Neng Au provided the link when news of our project reached this author of the 50-State Corporations page. While not annotated like our other subject pages, this guide does bring together all states with online corporations searches. The guide is part of a larger guide to researching company information that users will find helpful.

If you are aware of a previously compiled 50-state subject-oriented database guide that doesn’t appear on our list, please leave a comment. Thanks!

WY: Archival Records

May 27, 2008

If you’re researching Wyoming history, save a trip to the WY State Archives by using today’s State Agency Database Highlight:

From the website, “MARSS is a database for accessing information about microfilmed records at the Wyoming State Archives. Since the 1950’s, the Wyoming State Archives has been microfilming records and receiving records on microfilm. Archives staff have compiled the index information in a Microfilm Database, allowing information about microfilmed records to be available through the Internet.

The microfilm collection includes records from state and local government agencies, private collections, and a few federal documents. We have almost all of the Wyoming newspapers on microfilm. Database searches can be conducted using the agency name, county office, or record title or description. Most of the microfilm is available for research, but if the research copy is with the agency of record, you will need to contact that agency regarding access to the film.”

The Wyoming page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is maintained by Erin Kinney.

WV: Have Some Patients

May 25, 2008

If you are studying hospital quality or patient trends and need information from West Virginia, today’s State Agency Database Highlight should help:

  • Inpatient condensed database – Searchable databases of patient discharges. There is a separate database for every year since 2000 which can be searched by many criteria, including sex, age, diagnosis, procedure, provider type and payor group. Database includes this disclaimer, “Data elements which alone are not sufficient to identify an individual, but which in combination raise unacceptable possibilities that patients could be identified, are classified as protected. All data will be released only in cell sizes greater than thirty. Data with cells with thirty or fewer cases will be suppressed”

The West Virginia page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States does not yet have a documents specialist. If you’d like to adopt West Virginia and have knowledge of WV state information, please e-mail Daniel Cornwall at dnlcornwall AT alaska DOT net.

WA: Indiana Jones and the State Database

May 23, 2008

With the upcoming release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it seems appropriate that we should have a State Agency Database Highlight showing off archaelogical information:

  • Washington Information System for Architectural and Archaeological Records Data – A searchable database of over 1800 registered historical sites including images, a summary of the significance, and a link to the nomination document. A search may be initiated via map or by text query for historic name, address, city, county, architectural style, built date, historic use, architect, and listing status. Information on archaeological sites is limited to prevent vandalism.

The Washington page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is maintained by Marilyn Von Seggern.

TX: Find Drug Sellers

May 21, 2008

Today’s State Agency Database Highlight will help you find a local pharmacy — if you live in Texas:

Pharmacy Database – Search – Searchable by License Number, Pharmacy Name, Owner Name, Street Name, City, County, and Zip Code. Records provide participation in state medical programs, whether they accept Internet prescriptions, address and owner information.

Here is a sample record:

Pharmacy Database – Detailed View – License # 11128
Search Options > New Search > Detailed View
Search Help | Status Codes | Terms of Use
Current Status Active
License # 11128
Expiration Date 07/31/2008
Date License Issued 05/31/1985

SAN ANTONIO, TX 78219-1708
County BEXAR
Phone (210) 227-5262

Pharmacy Details
Prior Disciplinary Orders* No
Class of Pharmacy Community
Type of Ownership Corporation
Type of Pharmacy Community (Multiple/Chain)

* Information relating to disciplinary orders
is current as of (30 days prior to this date).

A written request for information regarding prior disciplinary orders may be submitted to the office of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Disciplinary orders entered pursuant to Chapter 564 of the Texas Pharmacy Act are confidential and not subject to disclosure.

Click here for Employment Information
for Licensed/Registered individuals employed at this Pharmacy.

Click here for information regarding
Remote Pharmacy Services.

[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Click here to see a map.

Pharmacy Profile ¥
Accessible to disabled persons? Yes
Translating services
Participates in the Texas Medicaid program? Yes
Participates in the Texas Kids Insurance Program (SKIP)? No
Dispenses prescriptions in response to an Internet order? No
Delivers prescription to a patient in this state? No
¥ Please note: The data regarding accessibility, translating services, and insurance participation is self-reported by the license holder and no warranty regarding the information is created . Therefore, neither the State of Texas nor the licensing agency accept any legal liability or responsibility or may be held liable or responsible for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or usefulness of this information. Should you have any concern as to the accuracy of the data in this system, please contact the license holder or facility for clarification.

Owner Information for PHARMERICA Showing 4 record(s)
Owner Name Owner Title Owner Address
TAMPA , FL 33619

The Texas page of State Agencies Across the Fifty States currently has no documents specialist. If you’d like to adopt Texas databases and have knowledge of Texas government information, please e-mail Daniel Cornwall at dnlcornwall AT alaska DOT net.

KY: Rare Plant Database

May 21, 2008

Did you know that the Hairy Ludwigia are endangered in Barren County, Kentucky? You can find more information like this at the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission’s (KSNPC) Kentucky Rare Plant Database which monitors information on endangered, threatened and species of concern plants monitored by KSNPC. You can search by common name, scientific name, or by county. Each record contains comprehensive information about the plant, as well as it’s “state status” of protection and diagnostic characteristics.

OR: Get Artistic!

May 19, 2008

You live in Oregon. You have an appreciation for art and you’d like to visit an art gallery. But where to go? Will the gallery be open at the time you want to go? Let today’s State Agency Database Highlight show you where to go:

Gallery Guide – A comprehensive database of Oregon art galleries, searchable by name, city or keyword. Includes name, address, telephone number, hours, type of exhibit and contact name.

Here is a sample record:

American Trails Gallery
27 N Main St
Ashland, OR 97520
541-488-3203 mail to this address
Hours: 10am-6pm daily link will open in new window
Exhibits: Native American jewelry, fine art, prints, weavings, carvings, historic Native American baskets, animalistas from Oaxaca, Mexico.
Contact: Dave Bobb
Policy: Consignment at 50/50, some outright purchase
Procedures: Contact by e-mail, write or phone.

The Oregon page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is maintained by Tom Stave and Jane Kirkland.

OH: Find a prisoner

May 17, 2008

Do you have reason to believe that someone you know is in an Ohio prison somewhere? Are you wondering whether someone you KNOW has been sent up the river in Ohio has been released? Use today’s State Agency Database Highlight to find out:

Offender Search – Inmate locater searchable by a number of criteria, including name, whether incarcerated or on parole, parole hearing date or state identification number.

Results include institution prisoner is being held at, inmate picture, crimes they are serving time for and length of sentence. Parolees may be located by zip code.

The Ohio page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is maintained by Audrey Hall.

ND: Plan Your Vacation

May 15, 2008

If your next vacation takes you to North Dakota, stop off at today’s State Agency Database Highlight to make sure you take advantage of what ND has to offer:

Attractions Finder – Looking for something to do while staying in North Dakota? Let this database help you find casinos, fishing, fall foliage viewing, historic sites, wineries and much more. Records have address, location and hours plus seasonal information.

The North Dakota Page of State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States is maintained by Kathryn Thomas.