Subject Collections: Finding Prisoners


The last current subject focused database collection in the State Agency Databases Across the Fifty States Project is our Prisoner Locater page. This page features annotations on dozens of prisoner locater tools. The search capabilities and available information vary widely from state to state. Try a few of the tools below to see what I mean.

Alabama – Inmate Search – a database of individuals currently incarcerated in Alabama correctional facilities. Users can search by AIS (Alabama Institutional Serial) number or by first or last name. No more than 50 results will be displayed for any search.

Arkansas – Inmate population Information Finder – Prisoner database that can be searched not only by name, gender, age and race, but also by type of crime including: Assault, Drug Crime, Forgery/Counterfeiting, Fraud/Embezzlement, Kidnapping, Manslaughter, Murder, Other Crime, Other Violent Crime, Property Crime, Racketeering, Robbery, Sex Crime, Theft, Weapon Offense. Records include weight, height, sentencing history and prisoner photos when available. This system even lets you electronically send money to prisoners.

Georgia – Inmate Query – Prisoners may be searched by name, aliases, gender, age, primary offense (incl abuse of gov’t office), sentence status, conviction county and more. Prisoner records include photos, offense details, project release dates, and aliases and identifying marks when available.

Iowa – Offender Information – Prisoners are searchable by name, birth date range, gender, location, and county of commitment. Inmate records include name, offense (while incarcerated), state identification number, holding facility and projected release date. Database is notable for using reCAPTCHA Verification to discourage robots and improve digital texts.

Washington – Find an offender – Searchable by name or state id number. Records include name, state id number and holding facility.

If you are aware of an inmate finding tool that does not appear on the Prisoner Locater page, please let us know in comments.


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